The latest news and on-going research into developments and techniques in the world of art and design.
RESEARCH AND VISIT – 8 April 2018 – Design Museum in London
An interesting opportunity to observe the transformation from the old Commonwealth Institute into
the Design Museum of today. Notable exhibitions were The Guardian newspaper masthead
redesigns over the years and Ferrari under the skin.

Photographs taken by Nigel Frey.

The Design Museum logo

Design Museum 1

Design Museum 2

RESEARCH – 18 March 2018 – Bruce Munro lighting installations
A highly imaginative way to landscape an area bathed in large-scale light installations by
the English artist Bruce Munro.

Images sourced from the internet.

Bruce Munro lighting 1

Bruce Munro lighting 2

Bruce Munro lighting 3

Bruce Munro lighting 4

RESEARCH – 8 March 2018 – Lagonda Vision concept car design
An analysis of the Lagonda Vision concept car created to establish Aston Martin’s relaunch of the
Lagonda brand. To challenge the more traditional Rolls-Royce and Bentley products with
its radical and futuristic all-electric luxury car, ready for 2021.

Images sourced from the internet.

Lagonda Vision concept 1 (Clikpic 800)

Lagonda Vision concept 2 (Clikpic 800)

Lagonda Vision concept 3 (Clikpic 800)

RESEARCH AND VISIT – 16 February 2018 – latest architectural developments in Canary Wharf
An update of the latest buildings under construction in the ever expanding Canary Wharf
redevelopment project.

Photographs taken by Nigel Frey.

Canary Wharf latest developments (Clikpic 800)

RESEARCH AND VISIT – 3 December 2017 – Scythians – Warriors of Ancient Siberia exhibition
The British Museum’s portrayal of the life of the Scythians and their encounters with the Greeks,
Assyrians and Persians.

Images sourced from the internet.

British Museum Scythians exhibition logo (Clikpic 587)

British Museum Scythians exhibit

RESEARCH AND VISIT – 24 October 2017 – Majorelle Garden in Marrakech, Morocco
A dazzling and colourful discovery of the garden created by Jacques Majorelle, that was later rescued
and further developed by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé

Photographs taken by Nigel Frey.

Majorelle Garden 1 (Clikpic 800)

Majorelle Garden 2 (Clikpic 800)

RESEARCH AND VISIT – 17 September 2017 – Foster and Partners architectural offices
An absorbing insight into the workings of Foster and Partner’s architectural practices during the
London Open House event.

Photographs taken by Nigel Frey.

Foster and Partners 1 (Clikpic 800)

Foster and Partners 2 (Clikpic 800)

Foster and Partners 3 (Clikpic 800)

RESEARCH AND VISIT – 16 September 2017 – The roof top bar in The Gherkin
A rare opportunity to access one of Foster and Partner’s most famous buildings at 30 St Mary Axe
during the London Open House event.

Photographs taken by Nigel Frey.

The Gherkin 1 (Clikpic 800)

The Gherkin 2 (Clikpic 800)

RESEARCH AND VISIT – 13 August 2017 – Highclere Castle
A fascinating exploration into the use of Jacobethan (Jacobean revival) style English architecture and
the Capability Brown designed landscaped grounds it is surrounded by, as seen in the TV drama series
Downton Abbey.

Photograph taken by Nigel Frey.

Highclere Castle

RESEARCH AND VISIT – July 2017 – Sicily’s architecture and art
Sicily has been subjected to invasions and earthquakes that have led to its enriched and varied
character we see today. It is most interesting to see such contrasting Baroque and Tunisian
architecture together in harmony, whilst artists show off their wall mounted creations in a variety of
styles for everyone to see.

Photographs taken by Nigel Frey.

Sicilian architecture

Sicilian wall murals